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The Brief.

A wildflower blanket installation on a domestic roof in Sevenoaks. Burnt Wood Grove was a small domestic installation of our wildflower blanket. As you can see from the pictures, the finished roof looked stunning and should have been laid just in time for the flowering season.


What we did

We start all installions after the waterproofing contractor has signed off the roof as leak free. After that we lay our black protection fleece to ensure the hard plastic of our drainage board does not interfere or () the waterproofing membrane.

Next goes our 20mm drainage layer. This is rolled onto the roof leaving a 300mm gap at all the edges. Bonded to the top of this is a very this fleece which allows water to pass through, but stops any of the substrate from clogging the drainage board.

This is topped with a layer of specialist bio-diverse substrate. It is specially formulated to give the right amount of nutrients to allow healthy growth but to avoid one species becoming too dominant and maintain bio-diversity. Our substrate also features virgin crushed brick and other aggregates that allow free drainage and reduce the overall weight of the system.

Once the substrate has been laid to the correct depth, we add the wildflower blanket. It arrives on pallets from our farm in the Cotswolds and is unrolled within 24 hours of it being lifted to reduce stress to the plants. If the plants are less stressed they establish in their new surroundings much quicker and avoid any bare patches where the vegetation has died. By staggering the ends, as you do with lawn turf we avoid lines running across the roof. We also supply our vegetation in larger rolls than most turf rolls you get to reduce the amount of joins across the roof.

Finally we add the river stone border, which helps with drainage from the roof. It also provides a fire break, and an aesthetically pleasing finish to the edge of the roof.

  • Wildflower blanket system

The result

After watering the vegetation to kick start the establishment, we clear our tools off the roof to leave the roof looking fantastic.

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