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The Brief.

The first of 4 wildflower green roofs to be completed at Hilton Bankside, London. Each will feature our pre grown wildflower blanket, which consists of 38 species of native provenance wildflower and grass species, to provide year round green coverage with a colourful range of flowers in summer.


What we did

The specially selected flower species will attract many pollinators including butterflies and bees, whose numbers are in decline and are in serious need of help. By adding a wildflower green roof you not only add an attractive feature to what would otherwise be a boring waste of space, you are also helping the local wildlife to survive.

  • Wildflower Blanket

The result

Sky Garden's wildflower green roof system being used for its purpose: attracting local pollinators (especially bees) and benefiting the overall local ecosystem.

Hilton Bankside , Client