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The Brief.

Kanes Foods near Evesham embarked on an ambitious investment programme which included the construction of a new salad factory topped with a 6,000m2 wildflower green roof. With its location in rural Worcestershire the new building was required to have minimal impact and blend seamlessly into the contours of the surrounding Cotswold Hills. The curved roof was a standing seam Euroclad design which required a tweak to our normal layered system.


What we did

The project was not only an innovation in salad production facilities but also the first use of our new wildflower blanket, a product that was launched towards the end of 2010.
The provenance and mix of species has been prepared in consultation with leading ecologists who are members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and Chartered Environmentalists. The blanket supports a species assemblage that can be tailored to meet project requirements and ensure that BREEAM ECO ratings are maximised, Biodiversity Action Plan species are supported and that there is an overall gain in biodiversity, in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 9.

  • Wildflower Blanket
  • water retention and drainage layer
  • 60mm growing medium
  • Irrigation System

The result

It was this green roof that won Sky Garden the NFRC Sustainable Roof award in 2013, and is the roof that features on the cover of the Roof Overview Magazine

Kanes Food , Client