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The Brief.

Mr Standbrook wanted to make the most of his newly constructed shed in his garden in Durham. He decided that a green roof would be perfect to replace the vegetation in his garden that the shed would take up.


What we did

Sky Garden were happy to help and supplied the materials for a sedum plug plant green roof. The system is easy to install, and Mr Standbrook was happy to do this himself.
A plug planted roof can look a little sparse at first, but over time the sedum plants establish and spread across the roof to create a coverage very similar to a sedum blanket system.
As you can see, a year makes a huge difference to a sedum plug plant green roof!

  • Sedum Plug Plants
  • Stones
  • Stick Pile

The result

Mr Standbrook has added a few stones and a stick pile to create habitats for insects, which in turn attracts other local wildlife; not to mention the beautiful sedum flowers attracting pollinators.

Mr Standbrook, Client