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Sky Garden have supplied and installed green roofs up and down the country and never ceased to be amazed by the ingenuity we encounter; from the green fingered home owner, to the eco friendly factory developer. Living roof design is based on the concept of replicating natures blueprint. The drainage board (natures bed rock) is laid first, followed by a growing medium (or natures top soil) that is best suited to the vegetation that is planned for the desired aesthetic finish. From the 'grand design ' eco home to the school development we've supplied the material and know how for the past 20 years.

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Types of Green Roof Systems | Green Roofs

Green Roof Systems

There are a variety of green roof systems available with various substrate options, choose from our sedum, wildflower and biodiverse systems....

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Green Roof Maintenance | Green Roofs

Green Roof Maintenance

Green roofs are low-maintenance, not no maintenance. In order to keep your green roof system in tip top condition you will need to show it some TLC. Green roof maintenance is not difficult, but can make a world of difference to the health of your roof....

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