biodiverse systems

Sky Garden's biodiverse or 'brown roof' systems are the most eco-friendly system we offer. The idea of a biodiverse roof system is to mimic the surrounding environment that has been replaced by the building in order to reduce the ecological impact as much as possible.

Often left to self-seed, the substrate is contoured to allow for a variety of native species to establish via seeds landing from the wind or native birds.

Log piles, sand piles and boulders provide habitats for various species of insects, providing food sources for local wildlife and increasing the area's biodiversity.


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How it Works

Biodiverse & Plugplant Systems

Biodiverse and Plug Plant systems offer the
opportunity to be more creative with your living
roof finish. Through the use of habitat zones and
deeper substrates more variety and thus biodiversity
can be introduced to the roof top.
trim options: aluminium stone X top layer options: sedum plugs wildflower plugs seed mix
sedum roof fleece
drainage board
sedum plugs
stone trim aluminium trim
The protection fleece adds an extra layer of defense to the waterproofing layer.
Sky Garden's water retention and drainage boards are designed specifically for living roofs. The bonded filter fleece prevents any blockages, the retention cups store water for healthy growth and the perforations allow for drainage of excess water.
Sky Garden’s biodiverse substrate is a blend of recycled crushed brick and organic material, allowing for a free draining low nutrient and moisture retentive growing medium.
Sky Garden Sedum Plugs are UK grown and planted at 15 to 20 plugs per m2. Plug planting offers the customer the opportunity to be more plant specific in their approach, but can be used selectively in a biodiverse system.