modular system

What It Is

The module system is made up of pre-formed cells that easily 'click' together to create a complete green roof system quickly and without fuss. Just lay a protection layer over the roof membrane and start installing the modular system.

Each recyclable polypropylene tray has built-in water retention and includes a filtration layer, growing substrate and your choice of vegetation: sedum blanket, wildflower blanket, plugs or seeds grown at our exclusive Sky Garden nursery. An integrated irrigation system is also available within the modular system.

Who Can Use It

Sky Garden's Modular system is perfect for use on smaller domestic roofs, as well as large commercial projects. Simply place the module trays in position, connect them together and have an instant Green Roof.

From office buildings to potting sheds, our Modular system gives you the benefits of a Green Roof quickly and easily.

Benefits of Modular System

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Customisable roof using trays of wildflower and sedum
  • Instant roof aesthetics
  • Excellent Biodiverse and ecological function
  • Simple removal of individual trays to check roof membrane
  • Usable on pitched roofs if suitable retention is present

The Sky Garden Modular system is now available for your Green Roof project. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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