sedum roof systems

A sedum roof is by far the most popular choice for an extensive green roof system that Sky Garden provides.

Whether it is a sedum blanket or sedum plug, our plants are lovingly nurtured at our UK nursery before being lifted and transported to site within 24 hours.

Sky Garden's sedum blanket is a pre-grown mat of mature sedum plants. There is a mix of species to provide a shade tolerant, drought tolerant blanket that colours beautifully throughout the seasons. If you are looking for an instant vegetation finish for your roof, this system is the one for you.

A sedum plug plant system is very similar to the blanket system, but with individual sedum plugs being planted across the roof rather than the pre-grown blanket. Over time, the sedum establishes and covers the roof, similar to the blanket system.

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How it Works

Sedum Blanket System

Sedum Blanket living roof systems offer an
instant greening, low growing, low maintenance,
attractive, light weight option to green roofing.
trim options: aluminium stone X substrate options: sedum substrate soil cell retention
sedum roof fleece
drainage board
sedum substrate sedum substrate sedum blanket green roof stone trim aluminium trim
The protection fleece adds an extra layer of defense to the waterproofing layer.
Sky Garden's water retention and drainage boards are designed specifically for living roofs. The bonded filter fleece prevents any blockages, the retention cups store water for healthy growth and the perforations allow for drainage of excess water.
Sky Garden’s sedum substrate is a blend of organic, free draining, clean and screened granular aggregates, to provide a low nutrient and moisture retentive growing medium.
Sky Garden’s UK grown sedum blankets are specifically grown for extensive living roof systems, producing an attractive range of flowers and colours throughout the growing season.