green roof systems

Sky Garden offers a wide variety of green roof systems to cater for every need. Each type of green roof brings different benefits, so it is well worth learning more about each system on offer.

The systems differ in many ways.  Plant finishes; depths and types of substrates; and drainage boards are all carefully considered in each green roof system to allow the roofs to flourish.

Sky Garden's vegetation is grown by experts at our Gloucestershire nursery. Our sedum and wildflower plants are of the very highest quality and arrive to each project that way.

Please read more about each system below.

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Sedum Roof Systems

A sedum roof is ideal for an extensive green roof finish. The plants are perfect for withstanding the harsh roof environment, as well as looking absolutley beautiful when in bloom. With a minimum substrate depth of 50mm the sedum roof is our lightest system and very easy to install.

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Biodiverse Systems

Biodiverse systems seek to mirror the local ecological environment. With different depths of substrate across the roof and different materials forming micro-habitats, the biodiverse roof system increases the biodiversity and reduces the ecological impact of a building.

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Wildflower Systems

38 specifically selected species of wildflower and grass are used to create our beautiful wildflower systems. The striking beauty and variation in species brings benefits for you and the environment.

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Modular System

The module system is made up of pre-formed cells that easily 'click' together to create a complete green roof system quickly and without fuss. Just lay a protection layer over the roof membrane and start installing the modular system.

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