wildflower systems

Sky Garden's wildflower systems are arguably the most beautiful green roof system when fully established.

Each wildflower blanket is sown with a seed mix of 38 species of wildflower and grass to create a vibrant array of colour on your roof. The species have been specifically chosen to survive roof conditions and increase biodiversity on extensive, intensive and podium systems.

The depth of substrate is increased to 100mm compared to the sedum system's 50mm, allowing for the wildflowers to flourish and establish healthily.

Although the flowers are not in bloom throughout the year, the winter months still provide a green finish throughout the roof area.

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How it Works

Wildflower Blanket

Wildflower Blanket living roof systems offer an
instant biodiverse living roof, with a full range of
UK provenance wildflowers ideal for attracting a
full range of birds and insects.
trim options: aluminium stone X
sedum roof fleece
drainage board
biodiverse substrate wildflower green roof stone trim aluminium trim
The protection fleece adds an extra layer of defense to the waterproofing layer.
Sky Garden's water retention and drainage boards are designed specifically for living roofs. The bonded filter fleece prevents any blockages, the retention cups store water for healthy growth and the perforations allow for drainage of excess water.
Sky Garden’s Wildflower Blanket substrate is a blend of recycled crushed brick and organic material, allowing for a free draining low nutrient and moisture retentive growing medium.
Sky Garden's UK grown Wildflower Blankets have been developed specifically for extensive living roof systems, producing an attractive range of flora that in turn attracts a wide range of fauna on to the roof.