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Sky Garden Ltd is proud to have successfully had their substrate tested to the new BS8616 standards by STRI Groups. This demonstrates the company’s ability to manufacture high performing green roof substrate that will maximise the lifespan of any green roof project.

The BS8616 testing standard for green roof substrates sets a detailed test methods for green roof systems and associated for each measured parameter. This allows specifiers to know the range of results that are typically characteristic of good quality green roof substrates that will sustain long term plant growth. The new standard considers particle size distribution, pH, organic matter content and general physical and chemical properties.

BS8616 helps to ensure that good quality substrates are used in the green roof industry and therefore helps to resolve growing issues often seen on green roofs. It is often the case that a green roof will begin to deteriorate soon after installation due to poor quality growing medium, which often results in unsatisfied clients and a loss of the numerous benefits directly associated with green roof systems.

With a standard set for high-performing green roof substrate, this enables architects to identify companies who are manufacturing substrate to the BS8616 testing standards, exposing the architects to the most accurate standard of substrate measurements in the UK market. By having this standard, it will help architects avoid poorly performing substrate that can result in costly issues further down the project timeline, alongside helping architects consult with the relevant companies to design a green roof system that will work. Furthermore, this now provides architects with a standard that they can follow when designing a green roof system. Previously, they had been following ill-fitted standards from abroad which ran the risk of poorly performing green roof systems that would produce the desired benefits.

By having a high performing green roof substrate, there is a guarantee for the green roof system to provide all the mitigation solutions to various environmental risks to public health. Such factors include air pollution, urban heat island effect, biodiversity net loss and urban drainage.

By testing according to BS standards, this demonstrates Sky Garden Limited’s ability to manufacture their own high-quality substrate that can guarantee strong vegetation growth and longevity on our own growing medium in any green roof project. Moreover, it exemplifies our ethos as a company who wants to provide high quality green roof systems that will benefit the surrounding community and wildlife.

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Biodiverse Substrate in Bulk Bags

    Ideal for use in extensive biodiverse or wildflower roofs.
    Recommend depth 80 – 150mm
    Organic material
    Allows for lush and healthy growth