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Green roof maintenance is generally a very simple process. They are designed so that they will not require endless hours spent on the roof in order to keep them looking at their best. Each type of green roof brings many different benefits to the occupants, the owners and the roof itself, so a little time maintaining the system is advantageous in the long run.

Here are 6 tips to consider when installing your Green Roof:

1. ALL roofs require some level of maintenance.

2. We recommend a biannual preventative maintenance package. This addresses any weed growth resulting from windblown seed/animal deposits, clears drainage channels and stone borders to ensure the roof is free draining and is functioning as it should.

3. This helps prevent against expensive roof replacements which can be a result of deep rooting invasive species such as buddleia/tree saplings which could cause damage to the roof membrane.

4. Fire risks need to be considered. We recommend installing an irrigation system particularly on Wildflower roofs and biodiverse roofs to prevent vegetation from drying out, especially in periods of prolonged drought.These roofs if left unmaintained could represent a potential fire risk as it becomes overgrown, dies off and dries out.

5. It is important that maintenance is a key consideration when purchasing/installing a green roof.  Whether this is maintenance that is safe for the client to complete themselves or the additional costs in procuring an external service to complete the required green roof maintenance (such as that which is offered by Sky Garden).

6. It is important when maintaining green roofswhich entails working at height that all relevant health and safety measures are considered. For example it is much better to install a man safe system/fall arrest point as part of the initial build, as opposed to at a later date when it can compromise the integrity of the roof membrane.

Simple, consistent maintenance of living roofs leads to less roofing headaches in the long term for housing associations, local authorities and private landlords. Keeping a green roof maintained prevents damage to the roof which can lead to expensive remedial works.

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