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It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the popular Channel 4 program Grand Designs and many of us may have even dreamt of building our own place one day but few actually achieve it. However, it’s exactly what Chris and Kayo from South Herts have done and when they needed to install a green roof on their extraordinary building in a sensitive location we were on hand to help them complete their vision.

Channel 4 synopsis

“For 30 years, no-one’s been allowed to build on the protected land surrounding one of Britain’s most historic abbeys in Hertfordshire. But no-one reckoned on golf-coach Chris and ex-figure skater Kayo. Incensed by anti-social behaviour on overgrown abbey land next to their current house, Chris and Kayo launch a 6 year battle to solve the issue by building a new family home on the land for them and their 3 children.”

Our Operations Manager Bruce Perry who worked on this roof says “Working in this peaceful wooded haven was a pleasure and fully offset the hard physical graft required to complete this spectacular project.  The 600 square metre sedum roof was installed entirely by hand with approximately 40 tons of material distributed in wheel barrows across the roof.  The complex, organic design, with so few straight edges, meant that the protection fleece, drainage layer and sedum blanket had to be cut by hand.  The final result was a beautiful green roof which reminded me why I do this demanding but rewarding job.”

We’ve had to keep this one under wraps until the program was aired on Wednesday 27th September but we’re delighted to share the result with you now. This green roof is a testament to the skills of the Sky Garden team especially the installation team and our dedicated growers. Thanks to Chris and Kayo who commissioned the beautiful photos of the completed project.

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