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  1. One Central Park, Sydney, Australia:
    • One Central Park features one of the world’s tallest living green walls, standing at over 110 metres high. Designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc, this vertical garden spans the facades of two residential towers and boasts over 35,000 plants.
  2. Centro Comercial Santafé, Bogotá, Colombia:
    • The Centro Comercial Santafé green wall is one of the largest in South America, covering an area of approximately 3,117 square metres. It features a diverse array of plant species and serves as a striking focal point within the shopping centre.
  3. CaixaForum Madrid, Madrid, Spain:
    • The vertical garden at CaixaForum Madrid spans an impressive 460 square metres and is renowned for its vibrant display of over 15,000 plants. Designed by Patrick Blanc, this living wall enhances the cultural centre’s architectural appeal.
  4. Atocha Station, Madrid, Spain:
    • Atocha Station is home to one of the largest indoor green walls in Europe, measuring approximately 4,000 square metres. This expansive vertical garden provides a refreshing oasis for commuters and visitors alike.
  5. The Currents, Calgary, Canada:
    • The Currents, located in Calgary, Alberta, features a towering green wall that spans the entire height of a residential tower. Standing at over 23 metres tall, this living wall is a prominent feature of the building’s facade.
  6. Sempergreen, The Netherlands:
    • Sempergreen, a company based in the Netherlands, is responsible for numerous large-scale living green wall installations around the world. Their projects include extensive living walls in cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Utrecht.
  7. The Rubens at the Palace, London, United Kingdom:
    • The Rubens at the Palace hotel in London is home to an impressive green wall covering the exterior of the building. This vertical garden adds a touch of natural beauty to the bustling streets of central London.
  8. Quai Branly Museum, Paris, France:
    • Designed by Patrick Blanc, the green wall at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris spans an area of over 800 square metres. Featuring a diverse selection of plant species, this living wall is a stunning example of vertical garden design.
  9. Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada:
    • The Vancouver Convention Centre boasts one of the largest green roofs in North America, which includes extensive living walls covering the building’s exterior. These green walls contribute to the centre’s LEED Platinum certification and environmental sustainability.
  10. Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore:
    • The Oasia Hotel Downtown in Singapore features a striking facade adorned with lush greenery, including extensive vertical gardens. Designed to enhance the city’s skyline, these green walls provide a refreshing contrast to the surrounding urban landscape
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