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When it comes to green roofs, water is a crucial factor to consider. Sedum roofs, for example, usually require watering only during exceptionally dry weather. However, during the establishment stage, access to a water point is essential, especially if installation takes place during the hotter, drier summer months (June-August). While a permanent irrigation system isn’t necessary for extensive sedum green roofs, the roof should be monitored during periods of prolonged drought (2 weeks) to ensure plant survival. The deeper the substrate, the more moisture it can hold, making it easier for plants to endure dry periods.

There are two types of watering systems that we recommend:

Visible sprinkler system: This system imitates and supplements rainfall.
Drip pipe system: This system distributes water directly to the soil/plant roots through a series of drip holes.
Both systems can be controlled via an electric control system or battery-operated system.

Our systems come equipped with either a soil or rain sensor to ensure the correct moisture level. By using recycled water, we can conserve resources, provided we have the correct flow and pressure to run the system. We generally use Hunter X core electric controllers with electric solenoids, which turn the water on and off, or battery-operated Galcon solenoids that can be set to water every day, multiple times, or even once a week.

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