How to maintain a green roof

How to maintain a green roof

15th July 2016

So you’ve got your green roof. It looks brilliant, you’re feeling good for helping the environment, but what next? Maintenance needn’t be a scary word, as you don’t have to do a great deal to ensure your green roof looks great. 

Think of it this way: normal roofs need maintenance - so why shouldn’t a living roof? You wouldn’t ignore your garden, and your roof can be just as beautiful.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your living roof healthy, green and gorgeous.


1. Pay attention to guttering

Clear any vegetation like you would a normal roof, to ensure there are no drain blockages.


2. Keep it hydrated

Especially now summer is upon us, making sure your living roof is hydrated is top of your roof priorities. If you can easily access your roof, and you fear it is drying out due to high temperatures, water it!


3. Remove deadheads

Like you would in a garden, remove any deadheads from the roof to spruce it up and encourage new growth.


4. Leave the rest to us!

Sky Garden’s maintenance team will handle the rest. Depending on what you desire from your living roof, we will carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure your new lawn stays lush. If yours is a commercial building, we will carry out your maintenance alongside your bi-annual roof and gutter checks. If we’ve given your home a living roof, we can personally tailor maintenance to suit you.


Simply give us a call 01242 620905 or drop us a line at and we’ll have your roof looking beautiful in no time.