Spring Green Roofs

Spring Green Roofs

7th April 2015

Green roofs spring to life at this time of year. The weather is picking up and the plants begin to flower.

Green roofs can be installed all year round, but we recommend Spring and Autumn months as the optimum time. The weather is perfect, which allows the vegetation to establish into its new surroundings seamlessly.

Spring is a wonderful time. Nature seems to slowly emerge after a long Winter's rest. Everywhere you look there is new life. Lambs in the field, green shoots on trees and daffodils in the parks. This emergence of life is no different on a green roof.

A great example is here on our colleague's own green roof. Russell's biodiverse roof in Marlow has recently shown signs of life. This past Autumn Russell planted bulbs on his roof in some extra organic material. He is now reaping the benefits as his roof has burst into colour, attracting all sorts of local wildlife.

This just goes to show that you can adapt your green roof to incorporate different species of vegetation. If you have the correct depths of substrate and look after your roof, the sky's the limit!

If you have a green roof and would like it looking fantastic for the Spring and Summer, we encourage you to contact us or learn more about our green roof maintenance packages.