What is the GRO Green Roof Code and why do we use it?

What is the GRO Green Roof Code and why do we use it?

29th June 2015

The GRO Green Roof Code was devised by the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) to ensure that all green roofs constructed in the UK are installed to an acceptable standard. It was aimed at anyone who is involved with designing, specifying, installing or maintaining a green roof. Through cooperation with a variety of contractors and manufacturers, including ourselves, the code was designed to protect the end user by making sure all green roofs comply with industry standards.

GRO have produced two codes; one in 2011 and an update in 2014. The original Green Roof Code was based on the German FLL guidelines as Germany has led the way in Green Roofing since the mid 60s. Since then the guidelines have also been used to develop green roof legislation in Switzerland, Austria, North America and Japan.

The Code was developed in partnership with a number of national and European experts in green roofing.  The Green Roof Centre at the University of Sheffield, the Environment Agency and the Homes and Communities Agency all played a role in the development of the new code.

The Code explores the importance of green roofs for health and wellbeing, sustainable drainage and reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. It includes the idea that extensive green roofs likely to provide a wildlife corridor and supply a much needed habitat for birds such as lapwings, skylarks and oystercatchers. It also supports the concept that intensive green roofs can benefit the health and wellbeing of their users, by reducing their heart rate by an average 5 beats per minute whilst improving air filtration, providing a social space to enjoy, relieving muscle tension and improving positive feelings.

The guidelines are always being updated to take into account changes and developments in the industry.

If you would like to see the full GRO Green Roof Code it is available on our downloads page.