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Sky Garden Boulders

Highland cobbles have increased roundness and a smooth texture created by glacial-alluvial movement. Bags contain a mixture of sizes

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  • A key aspect of every bio-diverse system is the provision of habitat areas. Boulder piles provide larger off ground habitat potential for insects, bats and birds. Boulders also warm up quickly benefiting beetles and butterflies. Sky Garden provide sustainably sourced boulders to compliment their green and biodiverse roofs.

    – Each bulk bag contains materials to create 2-3 habitats or can be used individually.
    – Typical density is 1 pile per 50m².
    – Bulk bag contains a mixture of boulders with varying diameter, shape and colours.


    Features and benefits


    Better rain water retention

    2-12 dB

    Sound reduction


    Carbon Reduction /metre sq


    Increase in insects /metre sq


    Reduction in ambient temperature


    Average increase value to the build

  • Physical Properties Dimensions 200-400mm diameter
    Physical Properties Quantity 12-24 per bulk bag
    Physical Properties Consignment size Bulk Bag
    Physical Properties Approx. Weight 750-1000kg
  • All your materials arrive in one delivery from our UK farm and are simple to unload and install straight away.

  • Popular FAQs

    • Does a green roof need maintaining?
      Yes. Green Roofs are 'Low-Maintenance' not 'No-Maintenance'. Green roof maintenance is generally a very simple process. They are designed so that they will not require endless hours spent on the roof in order to keep them looking at their best. Each type of green roof brings many different benefits to the occupants, the owners and the roof itself, so a little time maintaining the system is advantageous in the long run.
    • How often does a green roof need maintaining?
    • What access requirements are needed to install my green roof?
      The components of a green roof system can be delivered in m3 sacks, which is the best option for larger builds with crane access. However, on smaller installations with less access 25kg bags can be used and distributed by hand if the transporter cannot get close to the roof.
    • Why use Sky Garden?
      Sky Garden is the UK’s leading independent green roof installer and contractor. We source and grow all our products sustainably in the UK and have sales teams around the country that are happy to help with your green roof specifications and needs. Our experts in the field have developed drainage systems that can be used on any angle of slope and can even install living walls. Our award winning team can supply and install bespoke designs and have the experience of many large commercial and domestic projects. See our gallery for more information on past projects.
    • Will Sky Garden provide habitats for wildlife?
      Sky Garden strives to create the most diverse roofs with the best provisions for wildlife. Our seed mixes are designed to replicate optimum conditions for a whole host of wildlife. With certain systems habitat creation comes as standard; with log piles, rock mounds and areas of bare sand to replicate natural environments. Bat, bird and bee habitats are also available to increase the attractiveness of your green roof to the local wildlife population.
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    Company Brochure

    A comprehensive guide to Sky Garden's green roof systems. Download for detailed information regarding each system available, as well as valuable guidance for maintaining your perfect green roof.


    Biodiversity Brochure

    Download Sky Garden's biodiversity brochure to build your knowledge on the benefits and systems involved in our biodiverse green roof systems.


    Sky Garden - Boulders Datasheet

    Sky Garden - Boulders Datasheet

    Download Company Brochure

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