our green roof services

Sky Garden has supplied and installed thousands of square metres of green roofs and are proud to remain 100% independent. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering an efficient service and high quality product with biodiversity and sustainability at the core of our business.

  • Our first green roof installation was in Croydon in 1992
  • Installed in excess of a million m² of green roofs since 2007
  • Dedicated domestic installation team
  • Installed one of the largest wildflower living roofs in Europe
  • Our Green Roof Services

Green Roof Planning and Estimation

The beginning of a green roof journey is planning. Sky garden can help you plan out exactly which green roof system you require, give you an accurate estimation and get your green roof on its way.

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  • Green Roof Planning and Estimation

Procurement and Delivery

The next step to your green roof system is procurement and delivery. It is important to ge this step right in order to deliver the correct, quality goods on site in an efficient and effective manner.

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  • Green Roof Procurement and Delivery

Green Roof Installation

The most exciting aspect to the green roof journey is the installation. All the hard work behind the scenes has lead to the moment our expert installation team lays the green roof system in place efficiently and professionally. Our team takes great pride in our finished product and hope you do too.

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  • Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Maintenance

Green roofs are low-maintenance, not no maintenance. In order to keep your green roof system in tip top condition you will need to show it some TLC. Green roof maintenance is not difficult, but can make a world of difference to the health of your roof.

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  • Green Roof Maintenance | Green Roofs