Riverstone in 25kg sacks (per sack)

Riverstone in 25kg sacks

Riverstone is used on the majority of green roofs to allowing for free draining roof perimeters. In some instances the border created can stop moist vegetation sitting against brick work whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Installed from 150mm to 500mm borders at 80 - 150mm depth.

Riverstone can also be used in the creation of biodiverse roofs as an area of habitat creation, providing areas on the roof of free drainage and dry zones, installed at varying depths from 50 – 150mm

The riverstones are naturally rounded* and washed ready to be used. The stone diameters vary from 20 to 40mm and colours are browns and greys.

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* cannot guarantee all riverstones are rounded. Stones are screened before bagging, but damage on transit may occur.