Wildflower Blanket System

Sky Garden | Wildflower Blanket Green Roof System

Sky Garden wildflower blanket roof systems are a perfect way to bring biodiversity and colour to your building project. Our wildflower blankets are matured over a 6-month growing period and arrive to you lush and healthy, providing a beautiful wildflower look to your green roof.


Our Wildflower Blanket Systems include:

  • Protection fleece (2mm), to provide that added protection to your waterproofing membrane.
  • Rigid moisture retention and drainage board (20mm) with bonded filter fleece. This regulates the moisture content within the substrate layer.
  • Biodiverse substrate (100mm). This provides a root zone for long and sustainable plant growth.
  • Wildflower blanket (40mm) with 38 species, giving your roof a rich and diverse roof with flowering plants throughout the growing season.


Saturation Weight

A saturated wildflower blanket green roof system weighs 180kg/m² and the approximate height is 160mm.


Get a Price

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Installation & Edging Products

Please be sure to watch our installation video for guidance. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If edging products are required, please ensure to order these items separately.