Green Roof Maintenance Costs

Green Roof Maintenance Costs

The implementation of a comprehensive maintenance schedule keeps your green roof system looking and functioning at the highest quality. Our packages are tailor-made to increase the longevity of the roof system and promote healthy plant growth. Maintenance visits also act as a preventative measure against any potential problems your roof may face, such as drainage channel blockages, leaf build-up or weed infestation.


Qualified Roof Maintenance Teams

Our package includes bi-annual visits, one in the spring and another in autumn. All visits are carried out by our own qualified living roof maintenance teams who are experienced in carrying out the routine maintenance of our green roof systems and ensuring they remain healthy and attractive.


Scheduled Appointments for Your Convenience

The standard maintenance package runs from the date of contract appointment and includes two visits to inspect and carry out the required works detailed below. Maintenance costs are based on a maintenance team day rate, number of visits per year, location and accessibility of the roof area.


Green Policy

Before a visit takes place the Maintenance Manager will discuss any specific issues or requirements with the green roof.  Our policy is generally to allow a green roof to evolve as naturally as possible, allowing for the correct range of species to colonise the roof.  Sky Garden will only remove invasive weeds, tree saplings, woody shrub seedlings and more competitive perennial grasses.


Maintenance Package Includes

  • Localized spot weeding of invasive weeds.
  • Re-seeding and remedial patching of roof areas due to poor establishment. (This does not include areas where it is deemed the system has been neglected or damaged by adverse weather effects or insufficient irrigation)
  • The application of slow-release organic fertilizer (autumn ONLY).
  • Inspection of drainage channels and clearance of exposed outlets.
  • Full report - outlining further action or additional remedial visits outside of the standard maintenance contract.


Get a Price

To get an accurate price, simply fill out your roof area (in m2 values) in 'calculate cost' area on this page.