Wildflower Plugs

Sky Garden | Wildflower Plugs

Sky Garden's wildflower plugs are pre-cultivated propagated plugs that are planted directly into growing medium. The 38 species of plugs are drought, wind and frost tolerant, making them ideal for green roof application. Over a period of time the plugs will steadily colonise the green roof area, providing an even vegetative cover to your roof.


Our wildflower plugs are propagated and germinated in nutrient-rich compost in a controlled environment in order to ensure stronger plant growth and development. They are lovingly nurtured at one of Sky Garden's UK nurseries.

Our recommended minimum substrate depth for the plugs to flourish is 100mm. Our recommended planting is 20 plugs per m². The substrate must be watered before planting and kept moist for at least 3 months following installation.

The 38 available species of wildflower plugs have been carefully chosen to provide a long flowering season from Spring through to late Autumn. They have a varied range of colour and habitat which is attractive to a variety of pollinators, as well as looking fantastic..

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