Biodiverse Substrate in Bulk Bags

Sky Garden | Biodiverse Substrate in Bulk Bags

Sky Garden’s biodiverse substrate is a specially blended mix of free-draining organic material with clean, screened granular aggregates, recycled from certifiable waste products from the building industry, to provide a low nutrient water-retentive growing medium. In compliance with Soil Association standards and certifications.

This lightweight, free-draining, low nutrient and moisture retentive growing medium is made from 60% recycled materials in line with the UK Green Roof Code of Best Practise.


Biodiverse Substrate Specifications

  • Ideal for use in extensive biodiverse or wildflower roofs.
  • Recommend depth 80 – 150mm
  • Dry weight: 950 kg/m³
  • Wet Weight: 1550kg/m³
  • Compaction: 15%


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Important Information

Please ensure that you have suitable means of offload at the delivery address for example forklift or telehandler for this type of product as it cannot be offloaded manually.