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The Brief.

The decision to install a living wall allowed us to put our technical expertise to the test. A F+P system with Pre-assembled panels in our facilities, ready to be fixed to the support, install the irrigation system, and plant the selected plant species.
NEEDS: Water point, light point, and water outlet connection to return or drainage.
IRRIGATION TYPE: SG-A24 hydroponic system adapted to the scale of the vertical garden, with the option of recirculating lost water. The living roof was a straight forward task for our installation team. A living wall is a more intricate system that must be installed methodically in order to get the stunning results we managed to achieve here.


The Product

SingularGreen’s F+P vertical garden, consisting of 100% recycled and recyclable waterproof panel SG-P35, inert substrate SG-L40 with a density of 100kg/m3 fixed with A4 stainless steel screws, planting of 30 units/m2, personalised garden design, and species selection by a SingularGreen technician. The main advantage of the F+P system is its lightness, around 50 kg/m², making it the ideal system for large vertical gardens. But in addition, thanks to its substrate, it offers:

Greater variety of species
Resistance to extreme temperatures
Ease of installation
Correct root aeration

  • 500sqm
  • System : F+P Modular Green Wall

The result

The final result was worth the hard work. The F+P system was installed perfectly with no hitches. The vegetative finish is achieved by planting the selected plant species, at a rate of 20 to 40 units/m² in the existing holes in the substrate. The living wall looks impressive already, but over time will fill out and flourish.

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