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The Brief.

The decision to incorporate a living wall allowed us to test our technical expertise. The team assembled F+P system panels in-house, which were then affixed to the support structure, followed by the installation of the irrigation system and planting of selected plant species. Requirements include access to water and light points, as well as a water outlet connection for drainage or recirculation. The irrigation system used was the SG-A24 hydroponic system, tailored to fit the size of the vertical garden. While our team found installing the living roof straightforward, the living wall installation required a meticulous approach to achieve the stunning results we accomplished.


The Product

SingularGreen’s F+P vertical garden, consisting of 100% recycled and recyclable waterproof panel SG-P35, inert substrate SG-L40 with a density of 100kg/m3 fixed with A4 stainless steel screws, planting of 30 units/m2, personalized garden design, and species selection by a SingularGreen technician. The main advantage of the F+P system is its lightness, around 50 kg/m², making it the ideal system for large vertical gardens. But in addition, thanks to its substrate, it offers:

Greater variety of species
Resistance to extreme temperatures
Ease of installation
Correct root aeration

  • 75sqm
  • System : F+P Modular Green Wall

The result

The effort put in was truly rewarding as the F+P system was successfully set up. To achieve the vegetative finish, specific plant species were planted at a rate of 20 to 40 units/m² in the available substrate holes. Although the living wall is already striking, it will continue to grow and thrive beautifully with time.

Canal Isabel Company, Client