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Filter Fleece

Sky Garden filter fleece is manufactured using UV stabilised polypropylene. Providing high tensile properties and improved durability.

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  • Sky Garden filter fleece is manufactured using UV stabilised polypropylene. Providing high tensile properties and improved durability. The increased drawing within the fibre manufacturing process re-orientates the molecules within the fibre making it considerably stronger. With the increased molecular orientation and associated higher density it increases mechanical properties and environmental resistance properties that are paramount for good engineering construction methods. It is to be covered within one month after installation.The geotextile is predicted to be durable for more than 25 years in soil temperatures >25°C and is resistant to highly acid and alkaline environments on the basis of a durability assessment.

    – Use on all Green Roof Systems
    – Functional in sedum and biodiverse systems
    – Rolled out with 100 mm

    Chemical properties
    – Resistant to root penetration
    – Resistant to chemicals

    Values are typical, with the exception of thickness, which is nominal. Typical indicates the mean value derived from the samples taken for any one test as defined in the BS EN ISO standard- usually the mean of five samples. Nominal is a guide value. This product has been tested and conforms with BS EN ISO Standards.


    Features and benefits


    Better rain water retention

    2-12 dB

    Sound reduction


    Carbon Reduction /metre sq


    Increase in insects /metre sq


    Reduction in ambient temperature


    Average increase value to the building

  • Physical Properties Composition UV Stabilised Polypropylene.
    Physical Properties Thickness at 2kPa (EN ISO 9863-1) 2mm
    Physical Properties Colour White
    Physical Properties Unit Supplied Rolls
    Physical Properties Unit Width 1m
    Physical Properties Unit Length 10m or 113m
    Physical Properties Roll Weight
    Technical Properties Static Puncture (CBR) (kN) 1400 EN ISO 12237
    Technical Properties Push through displacement (mm) n/a EN ISO 12236
    Technical Properties Tensile Strength (MD/CMD) (kN/m) 9.8 EN ISO 10319
    Technical Properties Tensile Elongation (MD/CMD) (%) 65 EN ISO 10319
    Technical Properties Cone Drop (mm) n/a EN ISO 13719
    Technical Properties Apparent opening size (µm) 80 EN ISO 12956
    Technical Properties Water Permeability (l/m².s) 100 EN ISO 11058
    Technical Properties Coefficient of permeability (m/s 10-3) n/a EN ISO 11058
    Technical Properties Dynamic Perforation Test (mm) n/a EN ISO 13433
  • All your materials arrive in one delivery from our UK farm and are simple to unload and install straight away.

  • Popular FAQs

    • Can I still have solar panels?
      Yes. Green roofs can be designed to fit around solar panels or the panels can fit on top of the roof. This can not only increase the efficiency of the solar panels, but the shade created by the solar panels can increase biodiversity of the underlying green roof. Special care must be taken when selecting plants to be installed in the shaded areas to ensure they grow well in low light conditions.
    • Do I need planning permission?
      Most green roofs can be installed with no planning permission, however some do require it. This depends on the location, type of building, height etc and should be consulted before installation. Green roofs are increasingly mandatory for new developments. Planning consent can stipulate that the area must blend into the surrounding landscape or mimic the water runoff of nearby Greenfield sites. Green roofs can allow constructors to overcome these terms.
    • Can I choose what plants to have?
      Sky Garden’s seed and blanket mixes have been specifically designed to work well on green roofs. The thin, low nutrient substrate and exposure can make it hard for some plants to grow well. However we do offer bespoke plants and systems, especially on intensive green roofs. For a full quote and design brief for a bespoke system please contact our sales team.
    • Do I need to water my green roof?
      Sedum is used because it is drought resistant and very hardy. Under normal circumstances the roof should not need regular watering. However, live material must be irrigated immediately following installation. This irrigation must continue in the first few months following installation and again in especially hot and dry periods. Sky Garden recommends full saturation of the system once a week in these periods.
    • How much does a green roof cost?
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